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Most professional racing teams have press kits for the media. When a major sponsor, such as General Motors is footing the bill, some very nice press kits can be produced. Because of the very limited runs of press kits, they are usually expensive deals. Rick Voegelin's company, High Performance Communications makes some of the best racer press kits in the business and I have had the opportunity to do three press kits for professional Pro Stock racer Warren Johnson.

Through my association with Super Stock & Drag Illustrated and Steve Collison, I had done two catalog covers for the Jesel Valve Train Innovation Company. Wayne and Danny Jesel started out as two guys who loved building drag cars and going fast. Danny started making his own machine parts for his cars and before they knew it, their company had taken off. Now nearly every NASCAR and many drag racing cars use Jesel parts.

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Warren Johnson's 1995 Press Kit

This project was done in two pieces. Rick had seen my technical illustration of the '87 Reher & Morrison Pro Stock Beretta and wanted a side-view, cut-away illustration with the blue portion of the body and red lettering.

After completing the pen & ink technical illustration, I had a diazo blueprint made from my original and then applied color using markers, spray markers, and colored pencil. The size was about 20" in length.

The front 3/4 view of the car smoking the rear tires was done using mixed media: pen and ink, marker, spray markers, and colored pencil. The original size was about 9" x 12".

The layout and text was completed at High Performance Communication's studio.

Warren Johnson's 1997 Press Kit - Version 1

This project was actually done twice! The image to the left is the first generation. After the entire project was completed and printed, GM decided that Johnson's car should have the same black paint scheme as Dale Earnhardt's NASCAR racer.

The original size was about 24" x 30" and was all in one piece.

So a week after I received my copies of the press kit, Rick Voegelin called me to tell me that he now needed the exact same car and position, except with a different paint.

Warren Johnson's 1997 Press Kit - Version 2

They also changed around the lettering on the tool box and had me create the "First To 200 M.P.H." red lettering.

Warren Johnson's 2005 Press Kit

This was a very large project. A single piece of art was used for the front and back. It was supposed to be Johnson's farewell tour and it was off to pasture. But apparently he had such a good year, he decided to keep racing a few more years.

So I guess school is still in session.

The original size was about 24" x 36".

Yes, I really did draw and color ALL of the trophies. Thought I'd NEVER finish.

Jesel Valve Train Innovation 1996 Parts Catalog No. 1

Since Jesel makes and sells parts for drag racing and NASCAR they wanted the cover art to illustrate that point. The technical illustrations show three of their latest parts offerings.

The completed illustration was around 15" x 20." The only thing to be dropped in was the Jesel logo.

Jesel Valve Train Innovation 1998 Parts Catalog

For this catalog Jesel just wanted to show off their parts. The original was about 15" x 20" and was one complete piece of art. Nothing was dropped in during production.

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