Scott's Automotive Writing

Not long after I started creating drawing for the car magazines my styling analysis contributions took on themes and it just made sense for me to write my own captions. It didn't take long before I was writing feature articles for Vette Magazine. In '87 when I started my "Retrospect: Drag Racing History" series for Super Stock & Drag Illustrated, my writing had to change because my story was limited to a single panel of art and text that I used to hand print! My stories had to start at the top left side and end on the bottom right side. There was no, "continued on Pg. 98" because I was already on page 98 in the back of the magazine. But that's okay, it forced me to tighten up my writing.

When I start a writing assignment I first read everything about the car or racer that I can find. As I'm reading I take lots of notes. Always by the time I'm finished researching my subject an unusual story line forms in my head. I set the stage in the beginning of the story then interject what I've found that is unique about the story. Then I add in the technical details and close with my final comments about the uniqueness of my topic.

The stories I write for my current monthly column, "The Illustrated Corvette Series" in Vette Magazine run approximately 600 words. I do all of my writing and page layout in Adobe Illustrator. I make my line drawings, import them into Illustrator, create shapes around the two main illustrations, than have the text wrap around the empty spaces around the art. All of my writing, editing, and spell checking is done in Illustrator.

I have completed over 230, single-page illustrated articles and perhaps 25 multi-page illustrated articles. Below is a list of the publications for which I have been a contributing writer and artist.

You can read any of my Illustrated Corvette Series installments from the 1953 Corvette all the way up to the C5, 1997 - 2004 Corvettes by clicking HERE. Also, you can read my "Kit Car Profile" articles about classic sports cars and vintage automobiles by clicking HERE.

Scott's Non-Automotive Writing

I also have 2 books to my credit. My first book, "It's Time To Wake Up: Reiki & Other Essential Tools For Spiritual Awakening" was published in 2003 by Llumina Press. My second book I co-wrote with my wife Karen and is titled, "Design The Life You Love & Have Fun Doing It." At this time this is an e-book only and is available HERE.

I have written over two dozen articles published on my Wake Up site covering a wide range of topics including: energy dynamics, lightwork, James Allen essays, the expansion and contraction of time, an awakened life, prayer, building your inspiration room, and many other diverse topics. All of my articles are accessible HERE.

Contact Scott HERE.

Magazine Title: Vette Magazine
Series Title: "The Illustrated Corvette Series"
Number of installments: 115 and counting as of 8-06

Magazine Title: Super Stock & Drag Illustrated
Series Title: "Retrospect: Drag Racing History"
Number of installments: 16 Installments

Magazine Title: Kit Car Magazine
Series Title: "Kit Car Profile"
Number of installments:

Magazine Title: VW & Porsche Magazine
Series Title: "Imagineering"
Number of installments:

Magazine Title: Guide To Muscle Cars Magazine
Series Title:
"Blueprint Series"
Number of installments:

Magazine Title: Fabulous Mustangs and Exotic Fords
Series Title:
Number of installments:

Magazine Title: Muscle Car Classics Magazine
Series Title:
"The History of Muscle Cars"
Number of installments:

Magazine Title: IHRA Drag Review
Series Title:
"Lookin' Back"
Number of installments:

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