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I learned my pen & ink - stipple illustration style on machines and hardware in the '70s. Somewhere in the '80s my art rep asked me if I'd like to take a shot at a food illustration project that needed to be rendered in pen & ink. It sounded interesting so I told her, "Sure, I'd be happy to take a shot." I found that I really enjoyed rendering food in pen & ink with stipple surface shading. Below are some examples of a few of the food projects I worked on.

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"Garden Festival"

I thought this was an interesting project because it shows what can be done using clean line art with dropped in color. The pen & ink illustration was colorized and cropped for a regional Italian restaurant promotional sticker. The image to the left is a scan of the completed piece.

This is what the pen & ink-only illustration looked like.

"Wawa Foods Project"

Wawa convenience stores are very popular in the northeastern United States. They're similar to 7-11 stores. A Philadelphia advertising agency commissioned me to create this montage of Wawa food products and used the art for many years for a variety of items in the Wawa stores. I even saw my Wawa hoagie art on a white paper bag at the beach one day! That was a pleasant surprise!

"Corn on the Cob with Butter"

This is another example of adding color to a pen & ink illustration.

"Hot Dog on a Bun"

The rest of the images on this page were created as samples of my food pen & ink work.

"Toaster Cakes"

"Strawberries & Whipped Cream"

"Ham Sandwich"

"Fries & a Shake"

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