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My instructional art is an outgrowth of my technical illustration work. Instruction sheets are so much a part of products that we buy that few think about how they are created. Often times the instruction sheet is one of the last things to be completed in the life cycle of product development, but is very important.

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Tyco "H/O Electric Racing" Instruction Sheets

For the first few years of my association withTyco Toys, all I did for them were technical illustrations for the H/O Electric Racing instruction sheets. Setting up the tracks and getting the cars to run right required some very specific instructions and illustrations.

The illustration on the left shows the Super-Duper Double Looper set completely assembled.

Tyco Electric Racing "Super Duper Double Looper "Instruction Sheet

H/O scale electric racing cars have been around since the early '60s. Assembling the track and maintaining the cars can be tedious. In the olden days, H/O track had small connector pins and couplers. The Tyco H/O Electric Racing track had a connector pattern that required no pins or couplers.

The Super Duper Double Looper was one of the high-end sets in the early '90s with a lot of track and graphics. When setup correctly, the cars would actually jump across the gap at the top of the loop. This was one of over 20 illustrations included in the instruction sheet.

This is the underside of the chassis of an early '90s Tyco H/O Electric Racing car. The cars tended to pick up a lot of dirt and carpet lint that would gunk up the running gears and slow the cars down. Of course, "maintaining" your electric racing car was part of the play pattern.

If the pickup shoes at the front of the car and the gear set in the back of the car were kept clean, the cars would usually last for years and deliver hours of play fun.

Tyco HO Electric Racing Car

Tyco Toys had an activities design department that produced the "Hot Licks" guitar toy in the early '90s. There were no strings on the Hot Licks Guitar because it was essentially a noise generating device. The buttons on the guitar neck controlled the pitch and the other buttons added various sound effects.

It was a pretty neat toy and with a fresh set of batteries could pump out a lot of noise.

Tyco "Hot Licks" Guitar

Tyco "Hot Licks" Guitar

And speaking of batteries, how to put the batteries into the toy is essential.

"Cease Fire" Home Fire Extinguisher

As if someone needs instruction on what to use a fire extinguisher for, I created a panel of illustrations for the back of the blister card for a Cease Fire Home Fire Extinguisher.

Flow Control Valve Assembly

This is an example of an exploded-view isometric illustration. For several years I freelanced for a small engineering firm in Cherry Hill, New Jersey that specialized in maintenance and instruction manuals for boiler systems on ocean going ships for the U.S. navy. This is one of dozens of illustrations I created using Radio-O-Graph pens. ellipse templates, and drafting instruments.

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