Scott's Product Line Art

My pen & ink line art can be used in many ways. There always seems to be a market for good, clean pen & ink line art. I often use a lot of stipple shading because it reproduces well. My line drawings can also be converted into vector art using Adobe Streamline.

The samples shown below were created for Philadelphia area advertising agencies and two toy companies.

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Wawa Thirst Breaker Magnum Squeeze Big Drink"

This was part of the Wawa food project shown in the Food Section.

Toy House

Every toy produced has to have line art as part of their advertising and promotion package. This was part of a project for Butterfly Originals, in Cherry Hill, New Jersey.

Commerce Bank promotion

This was an advertising agency project for Commerce Bank.

Colormatics Pens

A local advertising agency had the Colormatics pens account and needed ad slick art.

Tyco Train Set Building

I started my association with Tyco Toys in their Packaging Department. Part of the packaging package includes line art. This project was back in the days when Tyco Toys made train sets.

Duffel Bag, Manicure Kit, Sony Watchman, & Lawn Furniture

The four images to the left were used for a special promotions offer.

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