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Matchbox Collectibles Special Projects

In the 9 years I worked for Tyco Toys and Mattel Toys my time spent in the Matchbox Collectibles Design Group was the more fun and gratifying. Because of the high markup of the collectible business, we were relatively free of the cost limitations of regular toy product development. Our job was to make our series as good looking as possible.

Matchbox Direct Collectible items were priced at $29.95 for a 1:43rd scale die-cast car or truck. We had a very large collection of cars to work with from our existing tooling catalog. We also did a lot of new tooling of vintage cars, trucks, pop culture cars, and muscle cars. Our business position was such that for the same price of one, highly detailed Franklin Mint die-cast car, our customer could have six highly detailed and decorated vehicles.

I was assigned to work with brands that Mattel had license to work with. They would give me a style guide or reference books and tell me, "Come up with some series." So I would review the material and look for patterns that we could apply to our cars and trucks. I was the only one in our design group with rendering skills, so when I came up with my ideas, I would render them for presentation.

After a concept was approved and plugged into the official line up, copies of the renderings were sent to the licensor for approval. As soon as a design was approved, I had to have photo sample pieces created. I had to prepare the graphics for rub-down transfers and have the cars and trucks painted in our model shop or by an outside vendor. One of the finished samples was sent to the licensor for final approval. Of course, at every stage of licensor approval, any requested changes had to be made. A turnover package was then prepared for the engineering department that would then work with the manufacturing plant in China. F.E.P.s (first engineering prototypes) were then sent to me for review. This was our chance to adjust or change anything before the final sign off for production.

To review some of the programs I created, just click on the graphic images below.

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Budweiser "Sports" Cars:

* Budweiser "Fly Fishing" '70 Barracuda

* "Bud Racing" '69 Dodge Charger

* Budweiser "Boxing Bel Air" '57 Chevy

* Michelob "Golf Caddy" '59 Cadillac

* Bud Light "Rodeo" ''64-1/2 Mustang

* Budweiser "Bowling" Bug

Coca-Cola Cruisers:

* "Dependable As Sunshine" '53 Corvette

* "Coke... After Coke... After Coke" '67 GTO

* "Americans Prefer Taste" '55 Thunderbird

* "It's Twice Time" '68 Camaro

* "Sign of Good Taste" '57 Chevy Convertible

* "It's The Real Thing" '70 Boss Mustang

Vintage Coca-Cola:

* Coca-Cola '57 Chevy Pickup Truck with Coke Vending Machines

* Coca-Cola '32 Ford Model AA Delivery Truck

* Coca-Cola '30 Ford Model A with Vending Machine

* Coca-Cola '37 GMC Delivery Van '

* Coca-Cola 1912 Ford Model T Delivery Truck

* Coca-Cola '20 Mack AC Sign Delivery Truck

Harley-Davidson Nostalgia Ads Big Rigs

* 1919 Harley-Davidson Ad on a Kenworth

* 1929 Harley-Davidson WL 45 Twin Ad on a Peterbilt

* 1937 61 OHV Knuckelhead Harley-Davidson Ad on a Peterbilt

* 1948 Harley-Davidson 74 OHV-Twin Ad on a Mack

* 1957 Harley-Davidson Sportster Ad a Ford Aeromax

* 1966 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide Shovelhead Ad on a Peterbilt

Budweiser Vintage Delivery Trucks

* 1926 Ford Model TT Delivery Van

* 1932 Diamond T Truck

* 1937 Dodge Airflow Refrigerated Van

* 1940 Ford Pickup Truck

* 1948 GMC C.O.E. Refrigerated Truck

* 1955 Chevy Pickup Truck

Matchbox Collectibles -
Special Projects:

* Coke Bears

* Coca-Cola Vintage Calendar Tractor Trailers

* Coca-Cola Vintage Tractor Trailers

* Coke Salesman 1957 Chevy

* Vintage Coke 2

* 'Coke Vending Machine 56 Mack B Flatbed Truck

* Coke Vintage Tractor Trailers

* Coke Seals & Bears Vintage Trucks

* Coca-Cola Sundbloom Santa Vintage Pickup Trucks

* Matchbox Holiday Train

* Louie & Frank Tractor Trailer

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