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My experience in product development grew out of my 13 years with Tyco Toys and Mattel Toys. My experience began in the Tyco Boy's Toys R&D Group where we designed and developed product for Tyco R/C, Tyco H/O Electric Racing, and Matchbox product lines. Sometimes we were assigned to take an outside submission idea and turn it into a functioning toy product.

The R&D Group became the Preliminary Concepts & Design Group where the design staff followed the direction of the Matchbox Marketing Department. Also, we had an open invitation to "blue sky," sketch, and render out-of-the-box concepts that came into our heads. Once a week we all got together for a "let's see what you came up with" meeting. The best ideas were then cleaned up for presentation to the marketing group for a yea or nay vote. From there, we worked the concepts through the design and development process.

After Mattel bought Tyco Toys in '97, I was in the Matchbox Collectibles Design Group where we created "series of six," 1:43 die-cast cars, trucks, and tractor trailers that were sold via direct mail marketing. These were not to be confused with the Matchbox Collectibles sold in retail stores. This was mail-order only business.

Then in 2001 I had the opportunity to do several projects for The Franklin Mint.

Below are some of the projects I worked on and created for Tyco Toys, Matchbox Collectibles, The Franklin Mint, and a few freelance projects.

As of late, I have been doing design and development projects and control drawing for Scrambled Eggz, in Marlton, New Jersey. Unfortunately, I'm not at liberty to show any of that work now, as these projects are still being worked on.

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Matchbox Collectibles:

* Budweiser Sports Cars
* Coca-Cola Cruisers
* Coca-Cola Collectibles
* Harley-Davidson Nostalgia Ads Big Rigs
* Special Projects

Tyco Toys

* 12-Wheel Drive R/C Cars
* Big Rig Racing
* Hot Wheels Tune Up Tower
* Matchbox Fire Fly Creature Car
* Matchbox Narley-Harley
* Matchbox Outrageous Muscle
* Matchbox Race Cartoons
* Matchbox Rolling Thunder
* Matchbox Weird Rods
* Matchbox Wreck
* Star Wars X-Wing Fighter Diagnostic Center
* Swarm R/C Cars

Franklin Mint Projects

* 1930s John Deer Assembly Plant Diorama
* Harley-Davidson Biker Garage Diarama

57 Chevy Drag Racer

Jim Bryant's Ultimate Top Sportsman
Thundercraft 57 Chevy

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