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Almost all designs start with a sketch. "Sketching" is an art form in itself. Sometimes a sketch is just what's needed for a commercial project. I have worked on many projects where all that was needed was a tight sketch to get an idea across. And other times a sketch is what the client wants as the finished illustration.

Below are just a few examples of my sketching style.

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"$1,000 Reward Poster"
Merenda Chevrolet newspaper advertisement

A local Chevrolet dealer wanted a "wanted" poster to promote their sales pitch. The illustration is of a mid-'70s American Motors 4-door Matador, one of the most forgettable cars of the '70s. The reward car is dented, the passenger side headlight is missing, the front bumper is falling off, the tail pipe is dangling in the back, the front passenger tire is missing, and there's a cinderblock under the front brake drum.

"Old Philadelphia" Philadelphia Inquirer Rate Book

Rate books for newspapers are pretty boring publications - just pages and pages of text and numbers. One year the Philadelphia Inquirer decided that what their rate book needed was some sketches of Philadelphia. I created 8 to 10 illustrations of famous sites in Philly.

There are two illustrations on the left. The image to the left is Elfreth's Alley in Old City Philadelphia, close to Independence Hall. The illustration to the right is Philadelphia City Hall.

The Old Savich Farm House"

Marlton New Jersey is now a developed community, but when I moved to Marlton in 1980 there were still farms and a lot of old buildings. The Savich Farm was off of Main Street in Marlton and in the late '50s was one of the grandest homes in Marlton. There was a dairy bar where freshly made ice cream was available.

During the '60s the house fell into disrepair when the surviving family members lost interest in the property and its outbuildings. This is what the house looked like in 1982 when I first discovered what was left of a once stately home. Obviously, the building had been vandalized and was eventually burned to the ground by kids.

"The Lost Mopar Garage"
Mopar Magazine Editorial illustration

Over the years I have occasionally done some illustration work for Mopar Magazine. This illustration ran with a fantasy story about an early '70s Barracuda owner who has a ghostly encounter at an old rundown garage.

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