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When I was in high school taking mechanical drawing classes we had a section on technical illustration. I was given an old outboard motor block and assigned the task of creating an isometric pen & ink drawing. Technical illustration was my favorite part of mechanical drawing classes and I guess it stuck with me.

Since then I have done hundreds of technical illustrations depicting all sorts of mechanical devices, some drawn completely assembled,others in exploded isometric style, and some x-ray style.

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"392 HEMI"

The 392 Chrysler hemi was the mainstay of the fastest cars in drag racing through the '60s. Bigger and more powerful engines have come along since then, but there's nothing like the old 392. It's those huge valve covers that give the engine its broad shoulder look.

I didn't have a client for this project and the original version was pen & ink only. I added it to my collection of nostalgia drag racing art prints and was astonished when it quickly became my most popular print. So much so that I decided to do the color version shown at the left.

Bike Sprocket

This was a portfolio piece from many years ago. It was part of a series of pen & ink illustrations of various parts of a 10-speed bike.

Olds Aurora racing Engine

This illustration was done for Rick Voegelin at High Performance Communications, the same company I did all of the Warren Johnson press kit projects for. The client, General Motors, hired Rick to work on their Olds Aurora racing program press kit for 1995. This illustration was used as part of that press kit.

The Farm Journal's "Farm & Shop Ideas" page

The farming publication "The Farm Journal" has been in print for just over 100 years. In the late '80s I had the opportunity of do the illustrations for a one page monthly feature titled, "Farm & Shop Ideas." This was actually a lot of fun for me because I never knew what I was going to get to illustrate each month. Apparently this page was very popular with the readers. I always thought of it as "barn yard engineering."

There was a standing invitation to readers that if they have a way of solving a farm related mechanical problem, all they had to do was send a description of their ideas and a sketch, I would make a clean illustration of their idea, and the magazine would run their idea. Sometimes I had very simple pencil drawings that were done on the bottom half of a scrap of paper. Farmers have a unique way of simply solving problems in the simplest most direct way. .

Organic Gardening "Do It" page

Organic gardening magazine is one of the mainstay publications for people who want to grow their own fruits, veggies and plants using organic methods. They also covered small garden related weekend project articles.

This illustration was used to show how to build a small enclosure for potting plants.

The Reher & Morrison 1987 Pro Stock Beretta for "Super Stock & Drag Illustrated Magazine

In 1987 I pitched an idea for my editor friend at "Super Stock & Drag Illustrated" magazine, Steve Collison, for a series of technical engineering-style illustrations depicting the three professional classes in drag racing: Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Stock.

Steve liked the idea because the racing team of Reher & Morrison were building a new '87 Pro Stock Beretta and Steve was doing a feature story on the car. So my engineering-style illustration would be a perfect fit for that issue.

I photographed the car at a local race and Steve supplied me with a stack of photos of the car in construction. The illustration was done using the "guestimation" method. I started with the drawing of the outside of the car and guestimated where everything else fell on the drawing based on my photo reference.

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