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Since I have 20 years in the toy business, this is one of the largest sections in my portfolio. Almost everything shown in this section is vehicle oriented because I was working in the "Tyco Boy's Toys R&D Group" and the "Tyco Boys Preliminary Concepts & Design Group." Since we were developing product, much of what we did never made it into production. Another factor at work was that from '93 to '97 Tyco Toys was on the down slide to being bought by Mattel Toys. Budgets were extremely tight and tooling costs often was the deciding factor for not moving into production with much of what we came up with.

After the Mattel buyout of Tyco Toys in '97, I was one of 120 or so Tyco employees that got to work under our new name, Mattel Mt. Laurel. The entire Tyco Boy's Toys division of Tyco stayed on and we continued to design and develope Tyco R/C, Tyco H/O Electric Racing, Matchbox, and Matchbox Direct Collectibles. For the next four years I worked as a Design product Manager in the Matchbox Direct Collectibles group. This was Matchbox's niche in the Franklin Mint-like direct mail marketing business. Some of the product lines I designed, developed, and managed can be seen on my Product Development for Matchbox Collectibles page.

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"Race Car-Toons"

Matchbox had reasonable success with the "Looney Toons Racing" line and was looking for something similar but different to do.

I pitched the idea of putting caricatures of famous race car drivers either coming out of the front glass or roof. Illustrated here is "King Richard," Richard Petty on top of his No. 43 Pontiac Grand Prix NASCAR stock car racer.

This is one of the prototype models we had made to demonstrate the Matchbox Demolition Derby action playset.

"WRECK!!! " & "Demolition Derby" Action Playset

Matchbox was always looking for something new and unusual to add to the 1-75 lineup of diecast cars and trucks. "WRECK" was part of a demolition derby set that featured an enclosed arena with two opposing launchers for kids to shoot cars at each other.

We made a working model of the Demolition Derby Set as part of an effort to design new action playsets for Matchbox. If also gave us a good excuse to have a prototype model built in the model shop. The model is shown on the left.

After all, that's what boys love to do with their die cast cars, SMASH'M UP! Then when they get older they enjoy going to the races to see real cars smash up.

Unfortunately I do not have any of the sketches for the Demolition Derby set.

"Momma's Boy"

"Hey Punk!"

"Commander Arnold"

"Weird Rods"

The call went out from our design director, Ernie Baker, to come up with a line of cars with figures. "Weird Rods" was a collection of weird cartoon cars with weird cartoon characters.

"Momma's Boy" is a big, burly construction worker that rides his twin-engine front-end loader. And he loves his Momma.

"Hey Punk" is a green haired, mohawk dude with lots of attitude and a bar code on the side of his head. He drives a graffiti painted, twin turbocharged F40 Ferrari.

"Commander Arnold" looks a little like the Governor of California (hint-hint). He's driving a twin Porsche-powered half-track. "Move... NOW!!!"

"The Sheriff" is the man wearing the tall white hat and cracking the whip. His ride is a 1940 Willys with a covered wagon bed covering one of his two engines. His hood ornament is a set of bull horns.

"Big E" is a hot rod Elvis impersonator all decked out in his studded white jump suit, gold pinky ring, and sun glasses. Big E drives a twin supercharged purple pickup truck, "Thank you, thankyouvurymush..."

"The Sheriff"

"Big E"

"Dyno Riders"

Tyco was getting into the action figure segment in the early '90s with their motorized Dyno Riders that not only walked, but had accessory attachments.

Sometimes even dinosaurs need an exploded isometric drawing.

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