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This section covers: "Matchbox Outrageous Muscle," "Narley-Harley," "Firefly Matchbox Creature Car," "Matchbox Rolling Thunder," "Matchbox Outrageous Muscle,""Narley-Harley," and "Swarm Tyco R/C Insects"

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"Outrageous Muscle" started out as the concept color illustration shown above. The idea was well received and we were given the go-ahead to make the models shown below.

Matchbox "Outrageous Muscle"

Muscle Machines" weren't out yet and had Tyco been more aggressive they could have scooped the very successful line. Unlike Muscle Machines, "Outrageous Muscle" came with a common display stand that captures the car in the wheelie position. A dedicated sign behind the car made a t-shirt-like statement appropriate to the car. "Chevy Rules," "Fords Dominate," or "Mopars Forever."

One designer in the design group (me) kept coming up with designs like this one, to the point where it forced upper management to more clearly define territories that were "strictly Matchbox," and others that were "strictly Hot Wheels."

"Outrageous Muscle" was clearly in Hot Wheels' territory.

"Firefly" Matchbox Creature Car

Hot Wheels was doing well with a line of creature cars, so we came up with various animals and insect themed cars. "Firefly" had three action features: 1. The front pincers moved together and apart as the car was pushed forward, 2. the wings flapped when the car was pushed forward, and 3. the tail of the firefly lit up. Of course it also had a supercharger and zoomy headers.

A working model was made of this concept.

Howitzer Pickup Truck

Armor Plated Firebird

Matchbox "Rolling Thunder"

The Matchbox Marketing group was hot for another series after the Monster Truck line came out. "Rolling Thunder" was a series of cars and trucks that were stuffed to the gills with weapons, hardware, and BIG engines.

"Rolling Thunder" fell victim to costing.

Rocket Launcher Ferrari

'57 Chevy Nomad Tank

"Narley Harley"

Matchbox had a license with Harley-Davidson, so the design group was asked to dream up new ideas using the famous brand. "Narley-Harley" was to be a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that could be configured many different ways.

This version was a chopper that converted into a twin-engine drag bike. This concept died after the costing department showed that the tooling would be extensive and expensive.

"SWARM" Tyco R/C Insects

This was a radio controlled car concept that could have been called "Bug Racing." Under the insect body was a standard, black radio controlled car chassis with black wheels. The bug body would be hard plastic, but the bug legs were to be made from soft vinyl that would "wiggle" as the car/bug was driven across the grass. The affect would be that of a real, BIG insect. This is exactly what a boy would want to terrorize his little sister with.

This concept was a little too far outside the box for Tyco at the time, but it would have made for a great commercial.

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