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This section covers the "Heavy Metal 1959 Pro Stock Cadillac," "Matchbox Mega Motors" ," and "Matchbox Hot Ice."

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Matchbox "Heavy Metal 1959 Pro Stock Cadillac"

In the early days of Tyco Toys owned Matchbox product, there was a lot of scrambling around trying to figure out what to do with this newly acquired product line. For the motorhead guys like me in the design department, we had almost completely open possibilities for what to make Matchbox into.

This was one of many concepts that went to prototype model. The Matchbox marketing group decided that they did not want to go in this direction, so the model was never finished with the red details shown in the illustration and the "Heavy Metal" lettering on the fender. If we had been a few weeks sooner getting the project to the model shop, it would have been completed as per the illustration.

Matchbox "Mega Motors"

Matchbox had a Dodge Charger with a big engine on the hood and a chassis that had 4 exhaust pipes along the sides of the car. We thought it could be a line extension if we were to take some of the Matchbox trucks and muscle cars, modify their chassis, and give each one a big engine for the hood.

It was just as easy to cobble up a few cars as it was to create renderings. I don't recall how many versions we made, but the 4 images to the left clearly show what we wanted to do.

Marketing eventually killed the concept because they didn't want to get into modifying existing tooling and they weren't ready to commit tooling dollars to such an unproven concept.

Since then, many toy lines similar to this have been on the market. We wanted to do this in '93.

Matchbox "Hot Ice"

The design Department was told to come up with new, "out of the box" concepts for Matchbox product. What happened was that after Tyco bought Matchbox, no one in the Tyco marketing group wanted to have any more responsibility for directing Matchbox. When they finally hired Peter Staddon to be the Matchbox Marketing VP, we were six months behind and it was SCRAMBLE time.

The Hot Ice concept was to make a series of cars that were molded in bright colored, transparent plastic, add hot graphics, bright colors on the windshields, and you have "Hot Ice." I was seeing these as having maximum eye candy appeal. They had to look like you wanted to lick one!

This one was way too much "out of the box."

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