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Before I was captured by the toy industry, most of my work was illustration for Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey advertising agencies and graphic studios. From time to time I would get projects that were loose and fun

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"F.U.S.S" Cards

"F.U.S.S." (Follow Up Simple Service) was a small company in Kansas that provided follow-up customer service cards and stationary for car and truck dealerships. The art had to be whimsical, yet directed towards car buyers.

The illustration started out as a pen & ink drawing, then I added color with a marker airbrush, markers, and colored pencils.

"Coke Bears"

This is from my days as a project manager and designer for Matchbox Collectibles. We had a Coca-Cola license and the theme for this series of 6 pickup trucks was the Coca-Cola Polar Bears. Polar bears love to eat fish, so this fellow has "gone fishing" off the back of a '50 Ford pickup truck. The concept was well received but not followed through due to the added cost of the cold-cast sculpts of the bears.


This illustration was part of a project that required art similar to line art found in dictionaries. The fish came out so well I made a separate illustration and included it on a promotional mailer..

"$1000 REWARD" Poster

In the late '80s and early '90s I created several illustrations for local Chevrolet dealer, Bob Meranda Chevrolet. This newspaper advertisement was promoting their, "We'll give you $1,000 for any car!" program.

"Reiki Dude"

This is my cosmic alter ego that can be found on my website. The Dude is chock full of groovy ideas and quotes.

"Meranda Chevrolet Crushes The Competition"

This was another Bob Meranda Chevrolet sale ad.

"The Heartbeat of South Jersey"

In the late '80s and early '90s Chevrolet's slogan was, "The Heartbeat of America." It was a lot of fun drawing all of the little figures all busy doing things at the stadium. The art director asked, "Where's Elvis and John Lennon?"

"Ki Detector"

This is one of 13 illustrations I created for my book, "It's Time To Wake Up: Reiki & Other Essential Tools For Spiritual Awakening."

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